As a young lawyer, I found commercial transactions complex and technical. The course has helped me understand the subject matter and the underlying commercial intent of the parties. With Abhishek moderating the course, the experiences of his past transactions and negotiations has not just provided commercial knowledge but has also given an insight to the thought behind the transactions, which in no way is to be found in any text book. The course is structured to give a flavour of essential must-knows in today’s PE deal environment and is highly recommended to law students / young lawyers who wish to understand the behind the scenes of PE transactions in a simple lucid manner.

Sumedha Mazumdar ​
Associate, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas​

On the eve, the graduation of 1st batch of Maharashtra National Law University,a skilled based lecture to cover key topic of ‘Share Purchase Agreement’ and `Shareholder’s Agreement’. Beyond theoretical knowledge, the lecture delved into the practical aspects and nuances of the topic. A venture into concrete hands-on experience of Corporate world. It nudged the students to analyze issue at hand with commercial soundness. I would request the university to engage Mr. Abhishek Sinha for a various topic relating to Corporate Financing andfor a longer duration.

Khushbu Shah
4th Year Maharashtra National Law University

The classes played an important role in amplifying my passion for corporate law. All the concepts are taught in a simplified way. The continuous assignments and tasks helps in better understanding of theory as well as it’s practicalities.

Priya Maharishi
3rd Year, O.P. Jindal Global University programme

At first I was skeptical about the experience on learning virtually, but Abhishek has made us feel very comfortable by making it interactive – as if we are having a discussion amongst friends and not sitting in a classroom.

Monaal Davawala​
Advocate, NCLT & High Court of Gujarat

I have been practising since 2008. I have focused on Corporate Litigation both on the civil side as well as on white collar crimes. I was keen to pursue a course on PE investments. So when I learnt of the offering of the PE Investments Course by NJL, I jumped at it. It has been an enriching experience and Abhishek’s detail to attention and domain knowledge has made the online course absolutely engaging.

Neeha Nagpal​​
Partner at NMD LAW CHAMBERS, Delhi
LL.M in International Economic Law from the University of Warwick, U.K​

Thanks a ton to the whole NJL team and particularly Abhishek for this wonderful learning opportunity. If I had little knowledge that certificate course can help us at such a great extent to comprehend the practical nuances and critical concepts in such a simple way, at that point without a doubt, I would have finished a lot more courses. This course will help me a lot for my future endeavors in the corporate world.

Subham Jain​ ​
Final Year, Chanakya National Law University​

I am pursuing a Certificate Course in Private Equity taught by Abhishek. It’s been only a month that I’ve started attending this course but I can vouch for the fact that it’s a well-articulated course. I thoroughly enjoy Abhishek sir’s classes and can see how it is making a positive impact on my career. The method in which complex concepts and industry practice related to Private Equity is being taught to us is just brilliant. I don’t know about the people who are practicing; however, I think that every law student who’s interested in Private Equity should take this course.

Kumar Mangalam ​
4th Year, National Law University Odisha

Mr. Sinha’s lecture was very engaging. He unpacked complex legal constructs with much simplicity, and helped a lot of us feel confident that we have understood the basics. His years of experience as a top corporate lawyer allows him to contextualize corporate law concepts like most can’t and this gives you insights not available in any book or class room. Cannot say I’ve had a more fun corporate law class, and sincerely hope he continues to come to our University.

Aditya Gupta
5th Year,Maharashtra National Law University

The sessions were well structured and and very instructive. Basic concepts were clarified and their relevance in practical situations was demonstrated. The course involved explanations and interactive exercises in equal parts, such as, the key aspects of an indemnity clause and a negotiating simulation with respect to negotiating an indemnity clause, that was both illustrative and engaging. For someone who's already interested in corporate transactions and more specifically Mergers and Acquisitions, the course helped in considerations to keep in mind while negotiating and drafting such deals, pre-empt many important scenarios and think outside the box. Although not having done a course on the Companies Act, the course was accessible.

Manjiri Singh
3rd Year, Nalsar University Of Law,Hyderabad

The curriculum at law schools mostly touches upon the theoretical foundation of various laws due to which there is a huge gap amongst the law students, between law as they learn it and the manner in which it is practised. Mr. Abbishek Sinha's course was an enriching experience as he was extremely instrumental in bridging this very gap. He presented a holistic understanding by focussing upon the theoretical and practical aspects of Venture and Share Holders Agreements.

Karan Trehan
3rd Year NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad ​
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