Please review our ‘Terms & Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ that govern the use of this platform (“Platform”). This Privacy Policy shall form an integral part of the Terms & Conditions by way of reference. All capitalised terms not defined in this Privacy Policy have the respective meanings set forth in the Terms & Conditions. This Privacy Policy applies only to the part of the Platform provided by NotJustLex, and we are not responsible for the practices of persons, companies, institutions or websites that NotJustLex does not control, manage or employ.

Please understand that you need to provide us with Personally Identifiable Information (defined below) to access our services and also consent to the information being collected, used, disclosed and retained (including but not limited to your Personally Identifiable Information) in accordance with this Privacy Policy, the Terms & Conditions and as permitted or required by law. NotJustLex is permitted to share such information with its own affiliates and/or transfer the same as business asset on transfer or sale of our business.


Some services/registrations on this platform can be accessed by providing “Non-Personal Information” (i.e., information that cannot be used to identify you). However, to enjoy complete benefit of our platform, courses, events, or other similar services, you need to submit “Personally Identifiable Information” (i.e., information that can be used to identify you) which include but not limited to information such as your name, email address, contact number (cellular and landline), educational qualification(s), Aadhaar number and post-qualification or work experience, photographs among other things. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the Personally Identifiable Information you submit to NotJustLex. As inaccurate information may affect your ability to use the Platform and/or our services.


i) Non-Personally Identifiable Information:

On accessing our Platform, you provide us with Non-Personal Information indicating, among other things, which pages of our Platform were visited, the order in which they were visited, when they were visited, which hyperlinks were “clicked” and collect information from the URLs through which you connected with our Platform. Collecting such information may involve logging the IP address, operating system and browser software used by each user of the Platform enabling us to determine a user’s Internet Service Provider and the geographic location of his or her point of connectivity. The Non-Personally Identifiable Information is used to track the total of number of visitors on the Platform in aggregate form and to identify the type of Internet web browser to further improve our services.

ii) Personally Identifiable Information:

We collect through our Platform, or through third-party platforms (like Zoom, Google Forms, etc) being used by us, the information that you provide to us when you sign up for any service on our Platform or through any of NotJustLex’s or its partners’ offline activities. This information may include, among other things, your name, postal address, email address, contact number, social security or tax identification numbers, login credentials (in the case of registered users), educational qualification(s), salary information, working goals, post-qualification experience, and photographs. We collect demographic information such as your gender, socio-economic status, and other similar personal information. In the case of scholarships, refunds or referrals, we will collect your bank account information. Other than this, we do not collect any of your financial information, and all payments are processed by either: (a) direct online payment by the participant(s); or (b) through third-party payment gateway providers.

NotJustLex, or its partners and/or third-party service providers, may, for instance, collect certain information from you in conjunction with assignments, exams and other assessments related to the online course. We may also collect information from you or about your performance or your accomplishments, such as quiz/exam scores, grades, project evaluations, teacher evaluations and other evaluations of your performance or accomplishments.

Other Information:

Other forms of information that we may collect from you or about you are as follows:

  • Information about your interactions with us;
  • User-generated content you upload or post to public forums through the Platform;
  • Information needed in order to comply with any procedures, laws, and regulations which apply to us where it is necessary for our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of others;
  • Recordings of calls with students or users showing interest in our programs; and
  • Any other information you choose to directly provide to us in connection with your use of the Platform and Programs.
iii) Third Party Service Provider:

We may receive your information when you access or log in to a third-party site, e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, WhatsApp from our Platform or when you respond to our Ads/posts/stories/tweets on such third-party platforms. This may include the text and/or images of your Personally Identifiable Information available from the third-party site. Please be aware that the information we obtain from such third-party platforms is often dependent on their privacy policies and/or on your settings regarding what information you have consented to share with them.

We may enter into arrangements with third parties to serve Ads on our behalf across the Internet, social networking sites and blogs. They may collect or store information about your visits to our Platform and your interaction with our services. They may also use information about your visits to this Platform and to other websites to target advertisements for goods and services or for any other purpose. This information is collected through the use of a pixel tag, which is an industry standard technology used by most major websites. Such third parties are not be permitted by NotJustLex to sell or share your Personally Identifiable Information as part of this process. If such third parties sell or share the Personally Identifiable Information as part of the process, NotJustLex’s liability shall be limited to providing you with reasonable assistance in any action you may choose to take against such third parties, at your sole cost and expense.

We have third-party sales and marketing affiliates who may collect your information through one of the various channels owned by them and share this information with us, based on your interest in our Programs. For example, an affiliate may hold an event and share the details of the attendees with NotJustLex.

iv) Information We Receive From Other Sources:

We may receive information about you if you use any of the other platforms we operate or the other services we provide. In this case, the data may be shared internally and combined with the data collected on the Platform. We are also working closely with third parties (including, for example, educational partners, scholarship providers, marketing partners, sales affiliates, subcontractors in technical/advertising networks, analytics providers, and search information providers) and may receive information about you from such sources. We may also receive your information from your employers, educational institution or scholarship providers, where your Program is partly or fully sponsored by such a third-party. The third-party sponsoring your participation in the Programs may provide us your information, subject to our agreement with them and, therefore, the third-party sponsor may be the controller with respect to such data. In cases where you have been referred under any referral scheme, we will receive your information from the referrer.

v) Use of Information:

The information collected will be used to convey information and updates related to our programmes, events and/or services, through itself or through third parties, via email, SMS, phone call or any other medium. It will also be used for managing and processing purpose including, but not limited to, tracking attendance, progress and completion of a Program.

We may use your Personally Identifiable Information in order to provide such services to you and for quality control purposes, and we may also archive this information and/or use it for future communications with you. Any communication via third party service provider’s platform will be dependent and subject to such third-party’s privacy policies and/or on your settings regarding what information you have consented to share with them. NotJustLex and/or its associates shall have no liability in this regard whatsoever.

NotJustLex may use and share your information to improve its services and offerings. For example, we, through our service providers (like auditors or surveyors), may approach you to understand the impact of our Programs on your careers. For this purpose, we may connect with you via a phone call, email you questionnaires, or request you to attend workshops.

To the extent any Personally Identifiable Information collected by us contains images of you, you grant NotJustLex a limited, non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, distribute, or prepare derivative works of or publicly display such images and/or your likeness in relation to the Program or for marketing purposes. We may use your photograph along with employer information, transition information, designation change, etc., for Ads/and or social media posts.

We use Non-Personal Information in aggregate form to build higher-quality, more useful services by performing statistical analysis of the collective characteristics and behaviour of our Users and by measuring demographics and interests regarding specific areas of our Platform.


In addition to the examples provided above, we will share your information in the following manner:

i) Educational Partners:

We may share the information that we collect from you with the particular Educational Partner (e.g., a university or a company or the instructors) that developed or offered the Program you are taking; the instructor(s) who taught, managed or otherwise oversaw the Program; external graders who will be assessing your performance; or mentors who will be supporting students. Information shared with our Educational Partners will be subject to the privacy policies and procedures of such partners. Also, we may archive this information and/or use it for future communications with you.

ii) Employers, Sponsors and Scholarship Providers:

If you are taking a Program that is sponsored or paid for by your employer or a sponsor, or if you have availed a scholarship from a third-party scholarship provider, we may share your Personally Identifiable Information and grades, evaluations or progress in the Program with your employer/sponsor/scholarship provider. This information may be shared at any time during the Program or afterwards.

iii) Service Providers

We provide access to or share your information with operations and maintenance contractors and other third parties who perform services for us, including billing, sales, marketing, test proctoring, couriers, mentoring, recruitment consulting, product content and features, advertising, analytics, research, customer service, data storage, security, fraud prevention, credit facilities, payment processing and legal services.. They have access to perform these services but are prohibited from using your information for other purposes. Moreover, in certain circumstances, we may share certain Personally Identifiable Information and materials with third parties including, but not limited to, service providers such as Facebook or WhatsApp in order to provide you services that you have requested or services that NotJustLex provides in conjunction with the Programs. Also, we use certain third-party platforms to collect your information (such as Google Forms, Zoom), as a consequence of which, your information may be stored on their servers.

iv) Recruitment Services

If you opt for any of our recruitment services or if you participate in any of our recruitment activities, we will be sharing your information with recruiters and potential employers. For example, if you participate in a recruitment drive jointly organised by NotJustLex and a recruitment agency, we will share your information with the recruitment agency and with potential employers who wish to consider you for employment. In this case, such a recruitment agency or an employer may directly contact you to schedule interviews, etc. Please note that any information you share with the recruitment agency or employer will be governed by their policies.

NotJustLex as part of its career services, which, among other features, makes your careers profile as well as your details and information public. You also acknowledge that the information shared may remain accessible on third-party websites and/or to those you have shared the information with. You also acknowledge that NotJustLex has no control over the access of or use of information provided to third parties via this mode outside its website.

v) Alumni Portal and Networking Services

We may collaborate with certain third-party service providers to arrange and provide networking activities to previous, current or potential students of NotJustLex. For this purpose, NotJustLex may share certain basic information such as your name, email address and cohort details with such third-party service providers in order to enable them to invite you to connect. Should you agree to sign up to their services, please note that any information you provide will be governed by their policies. In certain cases, in order to facilitate communication between students, we may share your information with other students on chat forums such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

vi) Government and Regulatory Disclosure

NotJustLex may share your Information with various government authorities in response to court orders or other legal processes to establish or exercise our legal rights or to protect our property; to defend against legal claims; or as otherwise required by law. In such cases, we reserve the right to raise or waive any legal objection or right available to us. We may also share your information when we believe it is appropriate to investigate, prevent or take appropriate action regarding illegal or suspected illegal activities; to protect and defend the rights, property, or safety of NotJustLex, the Platform, our users, customers, or others; and in connection with our Terms & Conditions and other agreements.

vii) Associates and Business Transfers

NotJustLex may share your Personally Identifiable Information with any Associate. The term “Associate” includes, with respect to any person, any entity that is controlled by such person, or any entity that controls such person, or any entity that is under common control with such person, whether directly or indirectly, or, in the case of a natural person, any Relative (as such a term is defined in the Companies Act, 1956, and Companies Act, 2013, to the extent applicable) of such a person.

NotJustLex may disclose and/or transfer your Personally Identifiable Information to an acquirer, assignee or other successor entity in connection with a sale, merger, or reorganisation of all or substantially all of the units, business or assets of NotJustLex to which your Personally Identifiable Information relates.

viii) Business Partners

With your consent, NotJustLex may share information (that can be used to directly contact you) with third-party business partners, such as companies that may be offering products or services or other opportunities that may be of interest to you.


Any Personally Identifiable Information that is voluntarily displayed by you on the Platform may be used by third parties for unsolicited purposes. Please note that NotJustLex shall not be liable for such unsolicited use by third parties of your Personally Identifiable Information that has been voluntarily displayed by you.


“Aggregated Data” means records that have been stripped of Personally Identifying Information and that have been manipulated or combined to provide generalised, anonymous information. Your identity and personal information are not available in Aggregated Data. We may combine your personal information on an anonymous basis with other information to generate Aggregated Data for internal and commercial use, and for sharing with affiliates, subsidiaries and business partners for planning and marketing purposes.


i) Confidentiality & Security:

NotJustLex takes all reasonable precautions to protect your Personally Identifiable Information both online and offline, in order to avoid any unauthorised access or breach. In addition, we participate in cooperative database services/third party bulk mailing services, which help us direct newsletters, mailings and other marketing initiatives to appropriate purchasers and website visitors. Names and mailing addresses may be shared between participating parties in the co-operative database services/third party bulk mailing services.

ii) Notification of Changes:

We may update this Privacy Policy at any time, and it will be posted on this Platform as and when it is updated, so that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and the circumstances under which we may disclose it. Unless stated otherwise, our current privacy policy applies to all information that NotJustLex has about You and Your account, even if it was collected in the past.

iii) Your Email Address and Mobile Number

We may store the email addresses/mobile numbers of those who communicate with us via email/mobile or who have shown interest in our Programs and add them to our mailing/SMS/call list when you sign up to receive special promotions, newsletters and updates. By electing to receive emails/SMS/calls from us, we would be able to send you exclusive information and special offers, which you may otherwise not learn about from our Platform. If you prefer to opt out of regular mail/SMS/calls and/or newsletter services, you may mail us at [email protected] to notify us of your request.

Once you have submitted your opt-out request, you may assume that it has been successfully received and is being processed. Please allow us 14 business days from when the request was received to complete the removal, as some of our promotions may already have been in process before you submitted your request.

iv)Third-Party Links

Our Platform may contain links to other sites. The linked sites are not under the control of NotJustLex. Please be aware that NotJustLex is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites. If you decide to access any of the third-party sites linked to the Platform, you do so entirely at your own risk.

v)Retention of Personally Identifiable Information

The length of time we retain Personally Identifiable Information depends on the purposes for which we collect and use it and/or as required to comply with applicable laws and to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights.


NotJustLex and its service providers store information about you on servers located in India/abroad. By using our services, you consent to the storage of your information within India or such other countries where you use the services from. By submitting your data and/or using our services, you acknowledge the transfer, storage and processing of your information in and to India.

As described above, NotJustLex may also subcontract the processing of your data to, or otherwise share your data with, service providers and others in countries other than India, in accordance with the applicable law. Such third parties may be engaged in, among other things, the provision of services to you, the processing of transactions and/or the provision of support services. By providing us with your information, you acknowledge any such transfer, storage or use.

Should you require any further information, please connect with us at [email protected].


NotJustLex strongly encourages parents and guardians to supervise the online activities of their minor children and consider using parental control tools available from online services and software manufacturers to help provide a child-friendly online environment. These tools can also prevent minors from disclosing their name, address and other Personally Identifiable Information online without parental permission. Although the Platform is not intended for use by minors, NotJustLex respects the privacy of minors who may inadvertently use the Platform, and shall delete their information upon intimation in writing.


Cookies are small pieces of information saved by your browser onto your computer/mobile/tablet or any other electronic device used to access online content. Cookies are used to record various aspects of your visit and to assist NotJustLex to provide you with uninterrupted service. Web beacons are small graphic files linked to our servers that allow us to track your use of our Platform and related functionalities including but not limited to identifying repeated users, length of time spend and specific functionalities that user choose cookies and web beacons allow NotJustLex to serve you better and more efficiently, and to personalise your experience at our Platform and not used to retain Personally Identifiable Information. From time to time, we may also use additional methods of collecting data. We may allow third-party companies, including advertising companies (such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Quora and Bing) to place cookies on our website. These cookies enable such companies to track your activity across various sites where they display Ads and record your activities, so they can show Ads that they consider relevant to you as you browse the Internet. These cookies store information about the content you are browsing, together with an identifier linked to your device or IP address.

These cookies also allow us and third parties to know whether you’ve seen an Ad or a type of Ad, and how long it has been since you’ve last seen it. This information is used for frequency capping purposes, to help tailor the Ads you see and to measure their effectiveness.

You should be able to control how and whether cookies will be accepted by your web browser. Most browsers offer instructions on how to reset the browser to reject cookies in the “Help” section of the toolbar. If you reject our cookies, many functions and conveniences of this Platform may not work properly.


In accordance with the Information Technology Act, 2000 and all applicable rules made thereunder, the Data Protection Officer appointed by NotJustLex for this Privacy Policy is Mr. Rishav Raj who can be reached at [email protected]


You may update or modify your contact information and user preferences by emailing us at [email protected]


The information we collect is stored with third-party data centres that we believe have a holistic security model with seven levels of security. Please note that NotJustLex shall not be liable for any misuse or loss of information carried out by such third-party data centres. Furthermore, we also rely on your cell phones’ strong security model to ensure that there is no information or security leak, unless intentionally processed for authentication.

However, please note that while we implement many security measures on this site, 100% security cannot be guaranteed.


Should you have questions about this policy or NotJustLex’s process for information collection, use and disclosure practices, feel free to contact us at [email protected] We will use reasonable efforts to respond within a reasonable time to requests, questions or concerns you may have regarding our use of your information.

Except where required by law, NotJustLex cannot ensure a response to questions or comments regarding topics unrelated to this policy or NotJustLex’s privacy practices.


Please note that we review and may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be effective immediately upon being posted on this page. By accessing the Platform, you indicate your agreement to the modified Privacy Policy and all the changes. Be sure to return to this page periodically to ensure familiarity with the most current version of this Privacy Policy.


The miscellaneous provisions provided in our Terms & Conditions shall apply to this Privacy Policy as well.

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