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NJL Panel Discussion | Analysing The Impact of NEP 2020

30 August 2020: NotJustLex in association with Vidhit Legal Project, hosted an unique panel discussion by the law students. It was intriguing to hear the impact of National Education Policy 2020 from the students themselves. There was exchange of views and free flow of informed opinions. The discussion focused on all the critical aspects of the new policy, including  the interdisciplinary approach and the inclusivity of policy.

Panelists: Neha N. Patil, 3rd Year, University of Mumbai Law Academy; Anushka Nayar, 2nd Year, Rajiv Gandhi National Univerty of Law, Patiala; and Niharika Sinha; 2nd Year, Army Law College Pune  

Moderator: Eshani Agarwal, 2nd Year, Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai

In Conversation with Neeha Nagpal & Malak Bhatt, Advocates in the Ansal Properties Matter

A three-member bench of the NCLAT on 14 August 2020, held that a decree granted by the real estate regulator, in favour of a homebuyer cannot be the basis of an insolvency action. NotJustLex spoke to the advocates representing the appellant. “Decree Holders are not financial creditors and cannot seek initiation of CIRP”, NCLAT clarifies

Advocates Representing Sushil Ansal (Appellant) in the Ansal Properties Matter at NCLAT: Neeha Nagpal & Malak Bhatt

Moderators: Abhishek Sinha, Founder, NotJustLex & Sarjana Das, Law Student, Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Read the complete NCLAT judgment: Click Here

Women Leaders on Gender Diversity in Indian Law Firms

NotJustLex connected with a few women leaders to get different perspectives on gender-diversity in Indian law firms. We asked them for their views on:

  1. Are women represented fairly at each level?
  2. Do women advance as rapidly as men?
  3. Do women choose not to advance at a certain point?
  4. Are women hired at the same rate as men?
  5. What lies ahead?

Industry Experts on Future of
Law Students & Young Lawyers in Current Pandemic

We at NotJustLex are completely aware of the anxiety of #lawstudents and #younglawyers during this ongoing pandemic; therefore, we decided to take a small step to reach out to some of the industry experts to get their perspective on what future holds for law students and young lawyers in this unprecedented time. We hope that this provides some guidance to them.

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