• Learn from Industry Experts!
  • Classroom like training, learn & clarify your doubts real time. All sessions will be moderated through live video interactive streaming. No mundane, monologue-type recorded sessions.
  • All courses based on ‘participatory learning approach’. Learning will primarily be through engagement with the participants. We intend to facilitate a process of collective analysis and learning. It’s a fun way to learn the law.
  • Limited participants per batch. A session will not have limited number of participants. Lesser the number better the interaction. We will always move away from anything which has the potential of affecting the quality of learning.
  • No prior reading required. No expectation of note-taking. What we discuss is what what we learn.
  • Assessment based on participation in the sessions and completion of online assignments and tests (MCQs).
  • One-on-one feedback session with each participant over a video call. 
  • Optional: anytime during the course, convert your zero cost course to certificate course by clearing the final assessment and paying the course fee. For more details, please refer to the course pages. 
  • Feel free to write to [email protected] in case you need any further clarification in relation to the courses.
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