Certificate Course On Finance for Legal Professionals

Duration: 4 weeks
Registration Fees: INR 6,000 (During the ongoing Pandemic INR 0)
Next Batch: 10 October 2020

Course Highlights

Lead Instructor: Nitin Chamaria
Supporting Instructor: Abhishek Sinha
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During the ongoing pandemic, its our way of extending a little support to all the learners. If you are interested in learning, register now as all our paid courses are available at Zero Cost!

We intend to fulfil the demand for learners (especially law students) to have access to quality legal education at Zero Cost.

Registered participants for the courses will now have complete access to all the live sessions and can also participate in all the assessments (except the final assessment).

However, if a learner wishes to receive the certificate (which is optional) for the selected course, course fee (of INR 3,500/-) will become payable and they will have to clear the final assessment.

This option can be exercised at anytime during the course. As the courses are being offered at ‘Zero Cost’ now, we only have one expectation from the learners: “commitment”.

If a registered learner is not regular with the live sessions, we will have the discretion to withhold their access to the courses.

Learn with us and follow along on our journey.

Spread the word, let every learner be a part of this initiative.

Feel free to write to [email protected] in case you need any further clarification in relation to the course.

What Our Learners have to say

What Our Learners have to say

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